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Veronica Barbatano was born in Rome in a multicultural family. At age 14 he won the National contest organized by the Italian National Association Fighting HIV (ALA), receives the 1st prize with honors, for graphic design.

Her restless nature and desire to know the world takes her to travel and work in the world of fashion at the age of 15.

He debuts for the international brands Wolford and Fendi, and continues to work for many Italian and international designers. At 17 he discovers the theater, begins to study recitation, psychodrama and to experiment under the direction of Fioretta Mari and Augusto Zucchi. Later, he deepens the love for poetry and prose with maestro Paolo Giuranna. She worked as an actress in theater, advertising, television and film until she was 28 years old. At age 19, her need for knowledge leads her to study with a teacher of Western Esotericism and discover Symbology and meditation; in his search he crosses with the Inca lineage shamanism, deepens the psychological and symbolic aspect of this tradition making an experience that will take her to have a new vision of herself and the world. All these paths will lead you to the study of Tibetan philosophy and Yoga. At the same time he continues studying at the Art School of the Medal in Rome. Here he studied ancient techniques such as chiseling and wax modeling by Benvenuto Cellini (1500-1571) with Maestro Aurelio Mortet, under relief with Prof. Laura Cretara.

Very important for his training was the Prof. of drawing Enzo Lionello Natilli.

In 2001 he won the Sipleda Project, from the contest "I Miti di Firenze", he created the silver plate, for the cover of the book of the Sipleda Art Society, published by Editalia. In 2003, she was chosen to create the bronze plate, low relief for the Centenary of the Italian Fencing Federation (CONI).

At 28, a new concern moves her and takes her to move to Argentina, choosing Buenos Aires as a new residence. Here he discovers the world of psychoanalysis, experiences therapy and finds new tools that he incorporates into his artistic vision.

He participated in group exhibitions in Italy and Argentina.

In 2008 he created the line of artistic jewelry for his brand AGAPE925JEWELRY that summarizes all his artistic, stylistic and spiritual search. In 2011-2012 he made the graphic design and art direction of the books FEMME and WILD SOUTH of the Argentine photographer Pablo Cersosimo, the two books won the Ilusión del Ledesma Prize (Argentina) as best printed book and for the best graphic design.

Currently lives and works in Tigre, Province of Buenos Aires Argentina.

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