About Veronica... 


Benvenuti nel mio Universo

Veronica's artistic search points to self-knowledge through different techniques and elements, she transforms her own leads into gold, she is a contemporary alchemist, she uses metals such as silver and gold to conduct energies and raise them with the correct intention. All of his artistic work is focused on opening a dialogue with the subconscious and the conscience, transforming his designs into amulets.


Veronica is enchanted by beautiful things. She will quote you Rumi, Dalai Lama, Platon. She's as passionate about 'transforming' old unworn heirlooms into pieces you can wear as she is about creating her own original designs.

Her designs are timelessly elegant, yet fresh and contemporary. She is passionate about mythologies and philosophy, she looks for the common points of the great traditions of humanity and extrapolates her own pieces that are often funny and witty.


Veronica is excited to be crafting jewels, so many of them one-offs, with such personal contact with her customers. Traceability is important to her, she knows who cuts her stones and she has a photographic memory of where she found them; she is concerned about recycling metals and she delights in repurposing precious metals and stones of rarely worn jewels into new creations. At the start of this new Era she aims for her brand to be sustainable,  and from her designs all the way to her jewels.